John C. STEIN was born April 1843 in Alsace-Lorraine, and his father Nickolaus in 1820, in "Germany" -- probably Baden, near Freiburg. We have no information about John's mother "Elizabeth Bush", except that she was probably an "Elisabeth BUSCH" instead.

Ellen is descended from John's second wife Anna LUETZELSCHWAB, born 28 August 1853, probably in "Germany"; she died of peritonitis following childbirth in 1889, and has left not a single trace in US records so far as Ellen has been able to tell. (And a name like LUETZELSCHWAB is hard to miss!)

Their son Jacob Christopher STEIN (1885-1960) married twice and had seven children. His first wife (Mary) Barbara LEHRMAN died of tuberculosis in 1917, leaving five of those children motherless -- and the youngest, Ellen's grandmother, an infant. That child was raised by Barbara's brother Walter LEHRMAN and his wife Nellie (nee PHILLIPS), whom she called "Pap" and "Mum"; she used LEHRMAN rather than STEIN until she married.

Barbara and Walter's father Heinrich ("Henry") LEHRMANN was born about 1850 in Wasenweiler, a village near Freiburg in Baden. He came to America in 1869, probably with his mother Theresia WENTZ Lehrmann; one of his kin, George LEHRMANN (who is probably not his brother George), was said to have fought in the Baden Rebellion under Friedrich Hecker. After the First World War, the elders of Wasenweiler honored Heinrich/Henry with an "Ehren-Urkunde". His December 1934 obituary is a particularly flowery example of German schmaltz. :-)

Henry's wife (Marie) Barbara KUNKEL was born about 1855 in Pittsburgh; her parents were supposedly born in Bavaria, but we haven't yet decided which of the 1870 Allegheny County KUNKELs they are. The elder Barbara, known as "Grissmummy" to her grandchildren, died around 1922.

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