and BOYNTON, LORING, others

Tim's great-grandmother Austana Loring ("Tanie") ANGELL, born 2 Dec 1870, was a determined genealogist in her own right; her notes (gathered to establish her claims to DAR entry in 1909) were the starting point for much of our research on this line.

Tanie, the youngest of five children born to Austana Loring BOYNTON and Edward Justus ANGELL, lost her mother at an early age. Her aunt Mary came to stay with the family for a while, but that was not terribly successful; when Mary and her children left, Tanie's older sister Mary Louise ("Mamie") became the "mother" of the family.

Tanie went to Geneseo Normal School, then to Wellesley, studying English literature; she taught school for a while. She married (Harrison) Gordon PIERCE in 1902; their firstborn, Tim's grandfather Robert Gordon ("Bob") PIERCE, appeared in 1904.

After Tanie's death in the Forties, Gordon put together a wonderful family album for Bob, with a wealth of detail on Tanie's family as well as his own. Much of what we know about our ANGELLs, BOYNTONs and LORINGs comes from this work, though we've also drawn from handwritten family registers, charts, letters, and other works.

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Allied lines include BURDICK.

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