Austana Loring BOYNTON was born 11 Jun 1833 in McGrawville[1], Cortland County, New York. She had two younger sisters: Louisa (m. William French), and Mary (m. Martin Davis). Austana married Edward Justus ANGELL 5 Sep 1855 [2], in McLean, Tompkins County, NY; they had five children, including her namesake Austana Loring ANGELL, from whom Tim descends.

The elder Austana died 12 Aug 1877 [3] in Waverly, Tioga County, NY, after a long illness[4]; she was only 44, and her youngest child, Austana, was six. Her sister Mary brought her two daughters to Waverly to take care of the children.[5]

Austana, Louisa and Mary BOYNTON were all born to Ari T. and Calista (LORING) Boynton.

Calista was a passenger on the first train that ran in the U.S., the DeWitt Clinton, which made its first official trial with passengers 9 Aug 1831 [6]. Her background and ancestry (born 27 Aug 1810 in Petersham, MA, Calista was the ninth of eleven children born to Israel and Hannah (JONES) Loring) are fairly well-researched. She was married to Ari 17 Sep 1832, by Rev. Luther Wilson of her hometown[7].

Ari Turner BOYNTON was born in Bern, Albany County, NY, 16 May 1806, and migrated a bit: in 1832 he was presumably in central Massachusetts getting married, and the following year in McGrawville, Cortland County, NY, where his first child was born; he later published a newspaper called the McGrawville Express[8]. He spent a while in Greene, Chenango County, before settling in McLean, Tompkins County.[9] He was ordained 14 Nov 1855, and became pastor of the McLean Baptist Church.[10] Ari died, in McLean, 30 Jan 1888, "while shovelling snow in the great blizzard."[11] His obituary contains more details.

A family album collected by the husband of Ari's granddaughter claims: "Ari Boynton was descended from William Boynton (b. 1605), who joined an expedition organized by Sir Matthew Boynton and emigrated to Massachusetts in 1638, where he settled at Rowley, Essex Co. Sir Matthew stayed in England and joined Cromwell in the Great Rebellion."

An 1856 letter addressed to "children and grandchildren," and datelined "McGrawville," is signed "Rhoda Boynton." Thanks to the BOYNTON-L list at RootsWeb, we now believe that Ari was the son of Rhoda BENNET and Justus BOYNTON, and that he was in fact descended from the William BOYNTON who settled in Rowley, though we still need details on the intervening generations.

We're just beginning to transcribe our trove of BOYNTON (and ANGELL and LORING) letters; if you check back in a while there are likely to be more!

We also have calling cards addressed to "Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Boynton" from Edna and Levi Thompson, identifying themselves as "your cousins." If you have some idea of who Edna and Levi Thompson might have been in relation to Ari or Calista (BOYNTON, BENNET, LORING or JONES branch?), we'd like to hear from you.



[1] Family album claims her birthplace was "Cortlandville," but an earlier, handwritten family register lists "McGrawville."

[2] Married by Rev. Chauncey Darby according to same register.

[3] "Frank, truthfulness, sense of humor, loved flowers -- verbena, rose leaf geranium. Desire to make others happy. Reserved. Feeling of timorousness (prayer meeting); suffered without complaint. Went to school in McGrawville -- had many friends. A fine sense of spiritual things. 'Ever ready to pass over ones imperfections if he tries to do the best he can' --E.J.A." (Probably a note by her husband for her eulogy.)

[4] Edward Angell's eulogy, written c. 1900, says "Mention of him recalls his noble, brave, sweet-spirited, sainted wife, whose presence in the home gave it sweetness and light, and whose long and trying illness attested to the sufficiency of divine grace to turn suffering into blessing..."

[5] They "found her a thorn in the flesh and were happy and relieved when she left after about a year." From the family album, by the husband of one of the long-suffering children!

[6] Family album, and newspaper clippings.

[7] From the handwritten family register.

[8] 1938 letter from Loring French to his cousin Austana (ANGELL) Pierce.

[9] Various BOYNTON (and ANGELL and LORING) letters addressed to Ari. His name is given as BOYINGTON on several letters.

[10] Pamphlet titled "History of McLean Baptist Church," apparently written between 1903 and 1905. It adds, "In the six years of his pastorate God had abundantly blessed his people, and great good had been accomplished."

[11] Handwritten note on back of church program for First Presbyterian Church, Cortland, identifying Ari and Calista as "Grandpa and Grandma." (Snow note is from family album.)


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