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Tim and Ellen's genealogy pages


Here we hope to share some family treasures -- old letters, albums, and other heirloom materials -- and brief research summaries on our major lines of interest. (Alas, with a toddler in the house there are never quite enough hours in the day for genealogy! We try to add a little each month, though.)



Eventually we'll do a complete surname index, but an outline of our major lines will need to do for now. You can also check the longer alphabetical listing.

Our child is descended from the following families:

Tim's lines:


Ellen's lines:


We're also interested in the following adoptive or step-families:


Both of us have contributed our working notes to RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project:

Please visit there for further information.


Documents and photos online

We have many items we'd like to catalogue and scan for sharing. In the meantime, we've indexed the first few documents and photos we were able to put up.


Contacting us

Feel free to write us if you want to talk about any of this. (Keep in mind, please, that we work long hours and have a small child, so any questions should be as specific as possible....)

Thanks for taking a look, and we wish you good fortune in your own research!


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